Breaking Through the Boundary of Logic

Here are the five most prominent dance and movement productions of the past year:

“Heroes” – Breaking Through the Boundary of Logic

“Heroes” is a joint creation of Yossi Berg and Oded Graf that is made up of two dance works, “Rabbit Habit” and “Could Be Heroes”, with the music of Ohad Fishof and David Bowie. Berg and Graf have produced a fascinating, exciting and compressed evening, which creates a developing dramatic process and deals with the intimate and painful process of the two very different heroes coming close to one another. Their attempts at closeness run into a web of pretense, power struggles, shame and loneliness. Against all odds the men try to experience love and truth in a cynical, alienated, repetitious and rigid world – they attempt to be heroes, even if only for a single day. Their innocent, “mute”, censored love is built gradually during the course of the evening and reaches its height while Bowie’s song “Heroes” plays in the background, and then in a single moment, the hall is swept by a rising wave of power and strength, breaking through all boundaries that are logical, predetermined or permanent.

– Critics Choice , Achbar Online