Alternative Worlds


Irony and distance appear quite often in performances. Yet there are choreography’s in which such qualities serve not only winning the audience but become a primer strategy in creating new and alternative worlds. Dance is potentially the best medium to unmask the rules of everyday life. It is movement where thousands of patterns that we unconsciously follow tend to hide. Careful work leads to the paradoxes in human gestures and reflexes. Skillfully used their bare stage in the work patterns of our behavior. Original poetry, sterile world, abstracted, but are constantly referring to the fact, present in the compositions of groups such as the Yossi Berg & Oded Graf.

4Men, Alice, Bach and the Deer by Israeli duo Yossi Berg & Oded Graf is a postmodern piece in a slightly absurd way, the elements mentioned in the title comprise a world indeed alternative and perfectly functioning. The complaisant existence of four men playing out heroes is disturbed by the indirect appearance of Alice. The woman, about whom they talk, undoubtedly evokes a hail of events. The everlasting instincts awaken among the men – lust, aggression towards rivals, will dominate. The evolution of atmosphere, the progressing process of maturing and initiation are emphasized by the diametrical changes in soundtrack (from Bach to hard rock) and lighting (the use of stroboscope). Through distinctive choreographic score, based on extended movement sequences in which traditional dance has been replaced by a study of particular pose of body, and is accurately transferred to a story about the real nature of men.

– Marta Zgierska , Nowytaniec