DANCE ADVENTURE ANIMAL LOST – surprising and engaging award winner on Dancing Stage in Copenhagen


It is human to be beastly. Forgetting common sense sometimes, and follow the instincts. There should be sleeping, eating, fighting, fucked and fed children. We are good at plotting the bestial needs into the calendar, but what happens if the instincts triumph over civilization? When we, as humans turn into stereotypes, where lust for example equals mechanical sexy strippers who slaps on the buttocks. With ANIMAL LOST want two Israeli choreographers Oded Graf and Yossi Berg to spark a transformation process where we look at each other as nuanced and complex people.

Behind the mask

IN ANIMAL LOST roars we straight into the global high-tech universe where primitiveren is plugged into a system. Six dancers dressed in brightly colors hysterical twisting the hips into extreme technical perfection. The Arabic chanting singer is without sensuality, and the music pumped up with techno rhythms creates a hectic atmosphere.

Are we landed in a group fitness people speed? But hey … they have the masks on! Over the tight, slender bodies thrones masked heads of horse, pig, panda, rabbit, bird and polar bear. The contrast makes scenario ridiculous, and the audience enjoying themselves. We are on parody grasslands, and the show continues in the same cadence. Each tableau leads us to stare up and give vitamins to the part of the brain where the field between prejudices and new insights fluctuate the most.

I’m too sexy for my body

The dancers are like reverse satyrs, and the surprise with excitement throughout the show. It is so deeply vital and tragicomic to see a perfect female body with Horsehead present themselves as “I’m an American comedian,” while the other proclaim that they are “a German tennis player”, “a British model,” “a black Catholic priest “and” Head of a coke producer “. It is vanity and prejudices revealed in all their naivety. “I’m too sexy for my body” and “I’m a slave for you”. They break, fight, kiss and flirt.

Longing for love

The animal masks fall after a public wrestling match. Dancers collapse on thier stomach and gasp for something like wilting flowers for water. Or is it another yearning, for now sings horse girl suddenly “Here I am, waiting for you to unfold me,” and the dancers crabs over the floor, as anonymous pupae with their faces hidden under T-shirts. “Here I am, waiting for you to keep me,” concludes horse girl, and her longing for love is accompanied by the Arabic singer, now deeply tender and sensual.

Organize While birds singing

Duo replaces solo, and there seems to be sadness, joy, laughter and tears along the route. In the intimate partner dance, it is difficult to determine where emotions separate. It is precisely the great force in ANIMAL LOST, the dance shows how close emotions are to each other. In a little thoughtful example brought us to doubt the women’s screams. Will the protracted shriek, sigh, cry from a monkey, a bird chirping or a woman’s orgasm? Well, look, listen and judge for yourself.

Peace with the Buddha

Eventually cooler one of the men the other dancers with a water gun. They have thrown the masks and show surprise, fear, surprise and anticipation. Now connecting people together in a circle in comfortable Buddha position. However, they can only accommodate a moment of peace before the urge to change wake again. “I will be an elephant again,” says an aggrieved. And “I’ll be a fish again,” implores another dancer. Is this where we finish, we are really on the way back in evolution? See ANIMAL LOST, be entertained, uplifted and find the answer.

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– Marie Brakchi, TerpsiChore