Come Jump With Me

Concept & Choreography: Yossi Berg & Oded Graf
Creating performers: Olivia Court Mesa, Yossi Berg
Lights: Yoav Barel Costumes: Adam Kalderon Set: Zohar Shoef Soundtrack design: Yossi Berg, Oded Graf, Yoav Brill Producer: Hila Gamili

Co-production: Yossi Berg & Oded Graf;
With the support of Bistrizky foundation for Excellence in Arts, Rabinovich Foundation, the Lottery Council for Culture & Arts, the Israel Ministry of Culture

Daring, provocative, and witty work that examines the relevancy and significance of creating art in the urgent political reality of Israel. The piece serves as a dialogue between the choreographers and the country where they live. In the explosive political and social reality, this work indeed pushes the limits and “plays with fire,” both literally and visually. Set in an imaginative playground involving different levels of consciousness, the performers move among personal and collective figures of history in a fantastic adventure, while trying to understand what future they are marching toward and their own definitions of “holiness”. The audience is invited to join them on an emotional roller coaster, from moments that are ecstatic and poetic, to moments examining the significance of creating art.

From the press:

“An artistic achievement; a focused and shocking performance; daring and personal.” Zvi Goren, Habama

“A cartoon that becomes a gut-wrenching act of hara-kiri. A smart and refined parody.” Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz

“Strong dancers with a clear presence.  Messages that are sharp and merciless.  ‘In your face.’”
Ora Brafman, Dance Talk

“A blow to the stomach, somewhere between black humor and suffocation.” Tal Levin, Achbar Ha’ir

“A deep experience; an excellent piece performed by outstanding dancers.” Eli Leon, Isra-blog

standout, performed with verve and charisma, it melds the personal with the political, borders and boundaries, identity and cultural meaning in a tour de force hour of movement spiced with punchy text.”
Nancy Wozny, Arts+Culture Magazine

Tech: 2 dancers Duration: 65 min Premiere: 2015

In this show the audience usually sits on stage.

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