Mechanical Trio in a Hot Country

Choreography:Oded Graf and Yossi Berg
Performers:Karmit Burian, Oded Graf Yossi Berg
Music:John Cage, John Fahey
Sound Design:Ohad Fishof
Costumes:Dana Belzer
Lighting Design: Uri Rubinstein

Co-production:Dansescenen Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark; Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv; and The Lab Theater, Jerusalem.

Mechanical Trio in a Hot Country put Yossi and Oded on the map as some of Ballet Tanz magazine’s “Choreographers to Watch” in 2008. The work was performed throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean, and Israel.

From the press:

“They have done it again in their new, brilliant, cohesive creation…a mesmerizing mixture of boiling passion and despair…endearing to the audience, a pure delight…it is one of last season’s best works”
Ora Brafman, The Jerusalem Post

“Intensive and fascinating…as a Hungarian cube before dismantling…rich vocabulary, imaginative, creative vitality and great execution…” Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz

“Dancers from Israel were the stars of the presentation. Their “Mechanical” is played at high pace, extremely physical performance, erotic and full of humor”
Miroslaw Baran, Gazeta Wyborcza

Tech: 3 dancers Duration: 25 min Premiere: 2007

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