Optic (solo)/My Space (group version)

Choreography: Yossi Berg
Optic Performer:
Yossi Berg
My Space Performers: Varies from show to show
Costumes: Dalia Lider & Yossi Berg

Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv; Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Rome, Italy; Tanztage Festival, Sophiensaele Berlin, Germany; Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv; Love Arts Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; Bat Yam Street Festival.

Won the prize for best solo artist performer from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and was performed throughout Israel and Europe at festivals, galleries, and cultural events.

When the dancer covers himself from head to toe, he loses his identity and becomes a faceless body. On the empty stage he creates a new identity for himself and communicates with his audience through new codes. As in an optical illusion, he disappears only to reappear in the audience’s consciousness. He translates his thoughts into dance inspired by his inner world, which is accentuated by the silence. In his search for a rich world of movement, layers of imagination are revealed that expose his quest.

Group version (My Space): An interactive physical performance on the subject of identity that examines the connection between the performer’s garment and the identity he creates.

From the press:

“Magnetic stage presence…Berg leaves the audience with a delightful appetite for more… every single movement in his body speaks poetry. The silence only serves to accentuate Berg’s power and the rich choreography…he creates an entire world… A piece with a moving aesthetic and purity…” Lilach Dekel, Habama

“Most exciting of them all is Yossi Berg who with the most minimalistic of means creates moving and immensely powerful dance… This is an amazing statement of expressive ability in movement. Not to be missed”
Gal Alster, Time Out

“There is a sense of an actual search for the authentic and Berg manages to surprise. Human dance, diverse movements, a back that has an entire life, this body speaks a language of its own…on an empty stage an entire monologue that successfully manages to avoid banality”
Gaby Aldor, Ha’ir

Tech: 1 dancer Duration: 12 min Premiere: 2003 Group version: 45 min loop, duration varies from show to show

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