Choreography, Costume, Stage, and Lighting Design: Yossi Berg and Oded Graf
Creating Performers: Liliana Barros, Elmar Domdom, Mirjana Doric, Zen Jefferson, Teresa Marcaida, Loic Perela, Melanie Schafer, Takayuki Shiraishi
Music: Burger Ink, Luc Ferrari, W.A. Mozart
Costume Maker: Markus Maas

Staatstheater Saarbruecken, Germany. The work was commissioned by the Donlon Dance Company, Saarbruecken, Germany and premiered in 2007.

Roots consists of three parts and features the dancers as a group in a very special way. Human beings empower and strengthen themselves with the help of rituals, whether they are sacred or secular. The work expresses the need to know oneself. Accompanied by the moving sounds of an opera aria by Mozart, the dance reflects on the individual and his community. The leading question in Roots is about the nature of human existence.

From the press:

“Berg’s and Graf’s choreographic style is lively and honest. They create a coherent piece around the themes of approach, exclusion, individuality and community. The dancers round off the circle with clarity in their group dynamics… Again… we are enraptured”
Boris Lensch, Saartext

“Very intense, very much charged with emotion…talking about fight and conflict… it makes the dancers look like fighters – the dancers being absolutely impressive as always”
Anke Schaefer, SR2 Kulturradio

Tech: 8 dancers Duration: 30 min Premiere: 2007

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