The Rite of Spring

Concept & Choreography: Yossi Berg & Oded Graf
Creating performers: Avshalom Latucha, Tal Adler Arieli, Oded Graf, Yossi Berg
Lights: Nadav Barnea Costumes: Inbar Nemirovski Music: Igor Stravinsky Soundtrack design: Binya Reches Dramaturgy: Ran Brown Set: Zohar Shoef Rehearsal Manager: Rachel Erdos Artistc Adviser: Nava Zuckerman Producer: Hila Gamili

Yossi Berg & Oded Graf;
With the support of the Lottery Council for Culture & Arts and the Israel Ministry of Culture
Residencies: Re-search Israel and Strut Dance Australia

In a new work for four men, choreographers Yossi Berg and Oded Graf return to the “Rite of Spring”, Igor Stravinsky’s monumental work, originally created on the eve of World War I, to examine the ethos of cult, sacrifice and masculinity in a local, contemporary context. Alongside Tal Adler Arieli and Avshalom Latucha, the four play a variety of contradictory images from the collective memory, ranging from expressions of stormy sexuality, passion, and violence to compassion and tenderness. The work moves from past to future, raising questions about the connection between the establishment of masculine identity, sexuality and the adoration of the homeland – and through body, text and movement – seeks to offer a new kind of cult.

From the press:

“Through rituals we deal with fears, with our embroiled existence, passions and the finality of death. Yet, the more violence we have around us, the more aggressive we become, which often makes us numb towards others’ suffering. Surprisingly, these issues are very rare on our stages.

Berg and Graf managed to create a work which suggest some of these issues, in a subtle, often clever and humorous way, and still find room for sensuous and compassionate scenes as important components of reality.

The choreographers managed to do all this in a tight, cohesive manner with solid and bright structure. It will be remembered as one of their finer creations in terms of well-layered content, cerebral alignment and highly aesthetic production” Ora Brafman, The Jerusalem Post

Tech: 4 dancers Duration: 55 min Premiere: 2017

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