Concept, Choreography, Costume, Soundtrack design: Yossi Berg & Oded Graf
Creating performers: Justine Chambers, Noam Gagnon, Oded Graf, Yossi Berg
Photo: Chris Randle

: Chutzpa Festival, Vancouver, Canada. With support from the Schusterman Foundation.

Untitled started as an idea back in 2010 when director Mary Louise suggested choreographers Oded Graf and Yossi Berg to create a new piece with Canadian artists for the Chutzpa! Festival. In January 2011 Yossi and Oded arrived to Vancouver where they first met Noam Gagnon and Justine A. Chambers and started collaboration. The result is a five weeks residency, meeting between the Israeli and Canadian artists.

Tech: 4 dancers Duration: 30 min Premiere: 2011